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Offical Starters Guide!

Post by 50B on Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:58 pm

Hello and welcome to EreidiaPs. You're most likely here because you just started out our server and are looking for a few tips to help you get better at the game. In this guide I will be detailing a number of things to answer any and all of the questions you might have.

So, if you're viewing this guide because you have no idea where to start out, then here's your answer. The best place for players to start our server is at ::ckey. If that's too full feel free to use ::ckey2 and ::ckey3 (Just know the chest will only work at the original ::ckey) The cave goblin miners have 15k HP and will either drop 50M coins or a crystal key. The key can be used on the chest in the picture for a number of items, the best of which are Oblitary Swords, superior tetsu, Gx armor, beats headphones, hell keys or chests and occasionally a pet. You're going to be aiming to get the oblitary swords, and any combination of the armor listed above with it will work good for you to move onto the next zone. (It's very likely that getting these items could take over an hour, so be ready for a grind) (If you didn't spawn with Le Crew armor, just go to the starter shop at ::shops and buy it there with the 250m you start with)

Next you want to go to ::celestial to collect bones from prayer, because from here on out you're going to need protection prayers to kill most NPCS in the game. I'd suggest killing at least 10 of these, but the more the better because a higher prayer level is always helpful to have. These don't really drop anything that's worth camping for, so if you get a drop in the 10-30 kills you should do for bones, then that's just better for you. Once you have a good amount of bones, go to ::altars and use them all on the altar, if nothing happens when you do that just relog. After that go to ::shops, find the supply shop and buy some restore and combat potions so you can camp more zones without having to go to the altars back and forth.

Now you want to go to ::goldenkey in hopes to continue upgrading your armor. The Chickens have 150k HP, which is a big step up from the previous zones so it'll take a little bit longer to kill, but it's still worth it. They drop goldenkeys which can be used at the chest shown in the picture above, and they also drop 500m Tickets. The best things that the chest gives that you will be aiming for is a brutal whip, arrow shield, lime bandos, fury and berserker ring t1 and spectre boots. I would recommend staying here until you get atleast the brutal, arrow shield, spectre boots and lime bandos. The amulet and ring are optional but if you get everything else before it I would probably just move on. (Start saving up all the cash you're picking up so eventually you can buy more gear not just pvming for it all)

Now that you have pretty decent gear, you want to go to ::alien which is where you'll once again start upgrading your weapon and armor. These have 290k HP so once again, it's a step-up from the last zone. Make sure you're still protecting from melee because these guys will hit you pretty hard. These drop full frostbite torva, lime defenders and a fury and berserker ring t5. You're going to be camping here for a while because of the good gear it gives, but if you wind up getting bored you can always go to the next zone

If alien was too boring for you, or you just were overall unlucky with getting drops there you can try out ::gorak. It drops divine torva pieces and a ring of wealth which is the big item you really want to get. Unfortunately the bonuses are only a little bit better than the frostbite torva, and the Gorak NPC has more health and a worse droprate. The only thing that really makes grinding gorak better over alien is the chance of getting that row drop, which could buy you a good full armor set.

Now that you should have a full set of divine torva or frostbite torva, or even a mixture of the two, you're going to want to once again, you guessed it, upgrade your armor to something better. Right now you should probably have a few hundred npckills atleast (::Npckills), but the real amount you're going for is 1k so that you can go to ::ursaring. At this point you have two real options. If you don't mind grinding out to the 1k KC or you're relatively close to it already, I would recommend going to ::charmeleon for devious torva and a little better gear, and you'll make some money along the way, the most important thing to this game is making money so you this is a good route to take, but lets say you're tired of grinding and just want to hit the 1k KC so you can go to ursaring to start getting some good gear, you can go to city teleports - seers village and run southeast and kill the low level chickens for the fastest KC.

Now you've reached ::ursaring, and can really start grinding for some good tiger armor. This is the end of the Pvming aspect of the guide due to the fact that this is just a starter guide, and by now you should have a pretty good aspect of the server and what to do on it. For now I would continue to kill these, maybe once you get some pieces you can go ahead and start some slayer, which is what will bring us into our next topic, money making.

One of the good ways you can make money on our server is by doing hunter. The skill itself has some good rewards such as cash and some low level gear, but you can really make some good money by collecting the imp keys and killing a boss with each to get tanky armor, which sells for around 300-400b a piece! If you aren't much of a PvMer, but you like skilling especially hunter, I would recommend doing this.

If you're like me, and you really don't like skilling, moneyzone might be your place to go to for some cash. The NPC's have 230k HP, and can drop anywhere between 3 and 12 1b tokens, and very rarely they'll drop 50b cash. They're pretty easy to kill because they don't hit you back at all, die fast and drop a lot of money. With decent gear you can make close to 1T an hour from efficiently fighting them.

Now lets say you don't like skilling and you don't like killing NPC's that only drop cash, you just like getting rare items from killing stuff then your best bet is definitely slayer. I would recommend picking easy tasks if you're just grinding for points, or are pretty new to the game. If you have some decent gear and want to get some items, i'd say do medium tasks, which take longer but have higher level NPCS. At this point in the game do NOT pick elite tasks as you most likely will not be able to complete them. Before you start killing them though, go to city teleports - varrock, and run north a little bit. Talk to the NPC named "goblin challenge" and complete his challenge, you will be rewarded with a slayer helmet and a handcannon. The helmet will give you an extra 1% droprate on tasks and will go up 1% every time you upgrade it (requires atleast 450 slayer points). This is how slayer gets really profitable because each slayer point ticket is worth around 5b, or achieving the lime slayer helm will land you roughly 25T!

The best way to max out your account on here is to just do hunter. Not all of the skills fully work and can be a pain to train, but if you're looking to max your account (level 120 in all stats), then grinding hunter is the way to go. Everytime you get 250 hunter points, you can spend them at the shop for a Imagine Huge XP Lamp, which will reward you 3m XP is every single skill, this item is also dropped by the cursebear who randomly spawns around the server every 20 or so minutes. If you want to maximize your skilling points though, you can just train the easy skills up a little bit and cash in on the profit from all of the points.

donating is very helpful to the server and can really help you out in the game. We have a number of donator rewards such as some of the best items ingame like frenzies and completionest armor. If you do plan on donating, I recommend buying donator and maybe some of the armor and weapons from the shop, or sell your points (1k points = 5-6t) and just buy the items with cash, you'll get more that way. You don't get the donator rank just from donating to the server, you need to buy the lamps which cost 2k points for regular, 10k points for extreme and 20k points for VIP. The ranks have a few benefits which come with them, but more will be added in the future. Currently the ranks and their benefits are as follows

Sponsor ($250 total) - 30% Droprate increase, ::bank, ::yell (without 1250 KC), ::viptitle, ::vipicon, and ::vipzone (Doesn't have it's own benefits)

VIP Member (20k Donator Points / 100t Cash) - 30% Droprate increase, ::bank, ::yell (without 1250 KC), ::viptitle, ::vipicon, and ::vipzone

Extreme Donator (10k Donator Points / 50t Cash) - 20% Droprate increase, ::bank, ::yell (without 1250 KC), ::edtitle, ::edicon, and ::edzone

Regular Donator 2k Donator Points / 10t Cash)  - 10% Droprate increase, ::bank, ::yell (without 1250 KC), ::dtitle, ::dicon, and ::dzone

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